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HEART is an Option 3 accountability group which offers families legal homeschool status in the state of South Carolina (section 59-65-47).  Heart was formed in 1998  by the Anderson Homeschool Association.   Meetings, assistance, transcripts, letters, ranking, and forms are all included in your family membership! 

HEART serves families throughout the state of South Carolina, and although our Board has a Christian worldview, a statement of faith is not required to join Heart.

We believe that each child is specially created to God’s glory with individual gifts and talents. Families teach students using the methods best for them, whether preparing for the workforce or college, while meeting SC homeschool law.  We also offer a Certificate of Completion for special needs students not receiving a diploma. 

We provide the following practical support and services at no extra charge:

  • Online reporting and forms (or paper options)
  • Optional, monthly drop-in meetings; quick response time to your calls & questions.
  • Assistance with maintaining homeschool records and check of your records for compliance to SC law.
  • Optional meetings for first time members and high school planning.
  • HSLDA discount code 211064
  • Assistance transitioning into or out of homeschool.
  • Membership letters for SC DMV, dual enrollment, college, and sports.
  • High school transcripts. Parents are free to send their own transcript or request the transcript be sent by Heart. 
  • Class rank and Palmetto Fellows Scholarship filing.  All high school students will be ranked per SC guidelines and must submit grades by May 31. 


Families registered with Heart legally homeschool by following these state guidelines for 3rd-option group members:


1.    Primary teacher must hold a high school diploma or GED.  

2.    Student must complete 180 days of school.  

3.    Parent must include in the curriculum: reading, writing, mathematics, science, and social studies, and in grades seven through twelve, composition and literature (replaces reading & writing).

4.    Parent must keep: a.  a plan book, diary, or other record of student's activities,

                                  b.  a portfolio of samples,

                                  c.  semi-annual progress reports,

                                  d.  attendance.

Per SC law, homeschool records are kept by the parent and Heart only checks that the records are being kept.  We do not require a large amount of year-end parent paperwork. 




Carol Brownell - Director.  Carol holds a bachelor's degree in Mathematics and has enjoyed homeschooling for 17 years.   She has 2 graduates in college and 3 students in middle & high school at home.  She also enjoys photography, piano, and travelling.  Carol and her husband have both been involved in administration, auditing, teaching, & coaching.  They have one daughter and four boys. 

Karen Gentry - Treasurer.  Karen has served many years as treasurer on the Board of Anderson Homeschool Assoc and Heart.  Her son has graduated and now attends Clemson University. Karen invested many hours supporting his various teams and pursuits.  She enjoys volunteering at her church and also works in the school district office. 

Susan Duckworth - Asst Director and Board.   Susan has homeschooled her 3 children for many years and also taught high school English at her alma mater, Westside High.  She has 2 sons and a daughter. Susan enjoys teaching at the local private school, along with dance and sports activities involving her children. 

Wendy Whitfield - Board Member.   Wendy has been homeschooling her son for many years and is involved in her local co-op.  She enjoys being involved in her local church, teaching art and many outdoor activities.  The family is also active in the pet foster program and usually have an extra dog in their home that they are caring for.

 Ashley Reese - Board Member.   Ashley is a wife and mom to three children, who she enjoys homeschooling. She previously taught for several years in her degree fields of Math and Science.   She now teaches Literature at the local cottage school, Highlands Classical in Anderson, and is involved in a local Co-op.